Wednesday, September 22, 2010

After the Big D.....

How fitting that today I will write about him, because it is his birthday.

What is a girl to do? So after divorce things can get crazy. There was someone I always had a bit of a flirtatious nature with.. but would NEVER act on it, heck I was married. Well opportunistic person I am found a way to work this man into my life .. hehehe. I was moving and wouldn't you know it I had to get a dishwasher and stove... Now, I work for a company that has 4 box trucks, but this did not deter me. I called him up and asked if he could help me pick up my items and install them.. hehehehe my plan is in action. I told him I needed someone with a truck.. As we see here ladies, he is a man and he did believe me, even though he used to work with me and knows that I have ample truck resources. So off we go to pick up my appliances..back at the new house, he is installing my stove.. mmm to make my move, RING RING... wouldn't you know it moms are always a callin at the wrong times. Mom and Bill came over - needless to say, lil boy flew out of the house so fast. Oh well.. I will have to scheme again. AND of course I did! MOM to the rescue ...
So, moving to a new house and only one TV..will not work, even though I don't even watch TV you must have one in your room, right? Talking with mom and she has an extra TV to give me, but she lives in a Condo and STAIRSSSSS.. how could i possibly carry this TV it is massive and heavy, I need a man to do it. HA!!!!!! RIng, Ring... Hello, I need help again and By the way, my mom needs help with her microwave, you don't mind do you? So, he says yes and once again off we go, this time Jaycien is with us and we are driving to my moms in snowy weather. Butt warmers too the rescue. We go to my moms and lalala get things done, thanks mom... on our way to my house now. Here is where the good and the bad start. We get to my house and bring the TV in to my room and set it down. Jaycien is out in the car in the garage waiting. I must find a way to do this. BE strong (or stupid) Amber!!! I told him to come to me I wanted to thank him. YIKES, I kissed him. (forgive me mom, I have always taken initiative). Needless to say that was a strange car ride back to his house. Conversation went like this.. Him "Really, huh?" Me "Yah really, wow.. kinda thought you felt the same."  Him, "Hmm, just kinda surprised me."  Me, "sorry??? or not?". Now we have to talk and figure out what comes next. Well that was a fun year... more to come? Tell me do you want more? Shall I move onto another story? I have lots and they are ready to flow out, some short and some long. I can always write more about this person here and there for he has been in and out of my life for the past two years.. and though I love him dearly, he is kind of an Ass!  

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  1. Love the blog, can not wait to see where this journey takes you!