Monday, September 27, 2010


So Fooker as I said has been in and out of my life so we will touch on that subject here and there.
In walks..."Wonder"

Wonder got his nickname from a friend of mine and I will leave out the details as to why that is his nickname, it is not important. As most .. no no strike that, as ALL of the men I have met since my divorce, I have found them online.
Wonder was my first ONLINE man. It was funny and he is a great man for putting up with what I put him through. So on this website.. which is not really a dating site I met wonder.  I liked his profile because it had pictures of him and his family. This made him seem more real, and not a crazy stalker man. Though I did often tell him he was an axe murderer.. LOL so he sent me a picture of him with an axe looking all crazy. Good times. So, in getting to know Wonder I would send him an email with 20 questions. Of course, keep in mind he is a man... so I did not get the answers back in an email. Wonder was good enough to give them to me over the phone. The first time I met Wonder was (yikes I know.. wrong) at my house. I invited him over for dinner. We had spaghetti.. Good conversation, but I knew before I met him that we would only be friends. I told him that as well. OK OK.. honestly.. friends with fun.. not benes but fun. At the time I met Wonder he was hooked on this woman that was NOT good for him in anyway. She was USING him and I hated her for that. Though it was his choice and I had to just give him my opinion and let him know that  I would support him in whatever or whoever he chose to do. Now, I cant say that I was completely innocent with Wonder. We did have some pretty hot make out sessions.. but we did NOT have SEX.. ever.. (in reality). I remember I  went to a friends house for a party and the X was there. It was his weekend with the lil one. I couldn't wait to leave that party and go to Wonders house to hang out.  I think part of it is just something, someone new.. I love to learn who people are and how they function. I just tend to get hurt along the way.
  Wonder has a thing for red heads. . In walks red. This woman, I thought she would fit him perfectly. I remember telling him that he should go for her. He should forget the other woman and focus on Red.  He did and now they are married. They have had some difficult times but have found their way back to each other. Yah them. I was not really able to hang out with Wonder any longer once he found Red.. she had an issue with me, and as hard as it is to let a friend go, I knew I had to so that he could find love. It wasn't until they were having troubles that Red realized I do not want Wonder for more than anything than a friend. So, now we are all able to talk and have a good time together.
  As I am sitting here writing this, in my head, I am wondering when is the next time I will be kissed. Kissed with that passion that we all want and love....
To Wonder I say thanks for letting me "practice" with you.. and am I still in the Top 3? LOL


  1. I hope you find the love you are yearning for. My advice ( from someone who has been there and done that) is to first focus on your self. I so me this same advice! You can not find the right mate until you find out who you will continue to make the same mistakes!
    I am sure Wonder, and Red, will be good friends of yours for a long time!

  2. Hey, where is the rest of your story?